Retirement is a big term that covers retirement planning, taking a pension, working in retirement, how much money is enough and more. The term ‘retirement’ also has a special meaning for when you can access your superannuation benefits.

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Financial freedom: Retirement planning in six steps


How much money do you need in retirement to live a lifestyle free of everyday money worries? For many Australians, this means a lifestyle where you can pay your bills without financial stress, you can enjoy an occasional holiday (or many!), you can maintain your car and house, and you can buy gifts … [Read more...]

Accessing super early: 14 legal ways to withdraw your super benefits


Many Australians are facing hard times, especially with structural change transforming our economy. The harsh reality is that mortgage repayments and everyday living expenses continue even when you when suffer redundancy, illness or other forms of misfortune. We receive hundreds of emails from … [Read more...]

Accessing super early: Permanent departure from Australia (6 Q&As)


This article contains 6 examples of popular questions received by SuperGuide from Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents departing Australia, and who are seeking to withdraw super benefits before retirement. If you’re a temporary resident of Australia then check out another … [Read more...]

Reaching preservation age: Taking super, tax and timing


Q: If at 55, I take up to $195,000 out of my super as a lump sum tax free, when I turn 60 will I be able to draw down as a lump sum the rest of my superannuation without having to pay tax as well? A: For an individual to access preserved super benefits they must satisfy a condition of release, … [Read more...]

I’m 60. Why can’t I access my super benefits?


Q: My husband just turned 60 years of age, and he has $80,000 in his super fund. We would like to withdraw his entire super as we need the funds to purchase a house. He is currently employed full-time and will be working for many years yet. We have sent the super fund all the documents to receive … [Read more...]

Accessing super early on ‘compassionate grounds’


If you are having financial trouble, or you are suffering chronic illness, or you require significant medical attention, you may be able to access your super benefits early. If you require medical treatment, or medical transport for medical treatment, then you may be able to apply for early … [Read more...]

Should I retire? I’m 59, unemployed and have debt


Q: I’m 59 years of age and in March I lost my job. I have since been trying to find work but due to my age I’m finding it excessively hard. After much discussion with my wife we have decided that the best option would be for me to retire. As she is working and earns a decent wage, I am unable to … [Read more...]

Accessing super early: Living overseas and reached preservation age


Q: I’m an expat Australian, and I have been living in Europe for quite a few years. I am 57 and I want to access my superannuation to buy a property. Is that possible? I have no idea if I will retire back in Australia or stay here, but my view is that if I do retire back in Australia, I will sell … [Read more...]