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  1. Rodney Huddleston says:

    Is there an upper limit on the age to which you can continue in the accumulation phase?

  2. I’am unsure about this superfund ? my husband is 59 years and I’am 56 years my accountant has put him on a pension from our superfund. he must take out I think about $14,000.00 a year. now we pay every quater IAS to the ATO I don’t understand. he said is it a tax saving Can you give me some light .

  3. kerri moore says:

    My husband turns 65 in may 2014 he will apply for the aged pension then
    My question is will we have to live off his Centerlink pension only I have not worked for the last 8 years
    He has about 200,000 in a super account any advice would help

  4. Violeta Walsh says:

    I really have a question which I hope you can clarify. I am a dummy.
    I am about to retire and expect to be eligible for the maximum rate of age pension. I have less than $100000 in my super and I am wondering if I HAVE to arrange a retirement pension out of this small amount, or whether I can just draw it all down and put it into a bank with a reasonable interest rate. Or whether there will be tax payable when I draw the lot out of my super fund.
    I do understand that the amount would be subject to deeming by Centrelink but would there be other ongoing penalties just to have the super in a bank and able to be accessed as and when I need it ??

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