Age Pension

Are you eligible for the Age Pension? The Age Pension is the taxpayer-funded basic retirement income stream for those people who can’t fully support themselves. The single rate Age Pension is set to at least 27.7 per cent of Male Total Average Weekly Earnings.

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Age Pension: Assets test thresholds rise 1 July 2014   Super Guide

An eligible individual must satisfy the Age Pension income test, and the Age Pension assets test to receive a full, or part, Age Pension.

Age Pension: More Australians entitled to payments from July 2014   Super Guide

In March, July and September of each year, the Federal Government changes the rules for claiming the Age Pension… for the better!

Age Pension: Income test thresholds rise 1 July 2014   Super Guide

The upper income thresholds for the Age Pension income test lift again on 1 July 2014, which means more Australians are now eligible for the PART Age Pension.

Age Pension Bonus: Hurry! Last chance to register   Super Guide

Hurry, hurry! Deadline approaching! If you’re still working and you were aged 65 or over (or 63.5 or over if you’re a female) before 20 September 2009, then you need to read this article, and the Q and As following this article.

2014 Federal Budget: Superannuation and retirement summary (updated)   Super Guide

On 13 May 2014, Treasurer Joe Hockey released his first federal budget. For many Australians, the proposed changes will hit hard financially.

2014 Federal Budget: What the Age Pension changes means for you   Super Guide

The Federal Treasurer has made it clear: the Age Pension age is increasing to 70 years from 2035. Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey confirmed this significant change to the Age Pension rules in the 2014 Federal Budget on 13 May 2014.

Are you eligible for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card?   Super Guide

The question is a popular one among prospective retirees, and the answer can be best explained by dividing the question into four parts.

Age Pension age increasing to 70 years (updated table)   Super Guide

In May 2014, the federal treasurer Joe Hockey announced that the Age Pension age will increase to age 70 by year 2035, and confirmed this fact in the 2014 Federal Budget.

Start planning! New income test rules mean less Age Pension   Super Guide

Changes to the deeming rules will potentially have financially devastating effects on the Age Pension entitlements of future retirees.

A comfortable retirement: How much super is enough? (updated figures)   Super Guide

So, the big question is: how much money do you really need for your retirement? Lifestyle is a very personal thing —luxury living for one person is a modest existence for someone else.