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Super Funds GuideThis is a SuperGuide Super Funds Guide profile of Lifefocus Superannuation Fund, including information about investment performance, performance ranking and fund member analysis.

This SuperGuide Super Funds Guide profile is independent information and is not an advertisement for Lifefocus Superannuation Fund. The data contained in this profile is sourced from the superannuation regulator, (APRA), and refers to data as at 30 June 2014. APRA will be releasing 2015 data in early 2016.

Snapshot of Lifefocus Superannuation Fund

  • Lifefocus Superannuation Fund is a Public offer fund and Retail fund (you can find out the 5 types of super funds by clicking here).
  • For the 2014 financial year (1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014), Lifefocus Superannuation Fund delivered a rate of return of 7.95%, which ranked it 161 of the 189 funds that provided investment performance data.
  • In terms of net assets, Lifefocus Superannuation Fund ranks 133 out of 193 funds that provided asset data, with net assets (as at 30 June 2014) of approximately $348,482,000.
  • In terms of fund members, Lifefocus Superannuation Fund ranks 136 largest of 193 funds, with 4,073 members.
  • Lifefocus Superannuation Fund has 548 investment options.

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How well did Lifefocus Superannuation Fund perform?

In the table below you can discover the investment performance and ranking of Lifefocus Superannuation Fund for each year from 2004 through to 2014.

For general information on the top 25 performers over a 5-year and 10-year periods see SuperGuide article Top 25 performing super funds over long term.

Rate of return for one year to 30 June
YearAverage returnLifefocus Superannuation Fund returnLifefocus Superannuation Fund ranking
20149.66%7.95%Ranked 161 of 189 funds
201311.88%6.6%Ranked 193 of 210 funds
20120.19%-1.1%Ranked 149 of 193 funds
20117.38%3%Ranked 184 of 190 funds
20108.21%-11.4%Ranked 189 of 189 funds
2009-10.98%-17.3%Ranked 185 of 188 funds
2008-7.63%-11.8%Ranked 162 of 185 funds
200714.33%8.7%Ranked 173 of 181 funds
200613.48%11.7%Ranked 143 of 175 funds
200511.72%10.4%Ranked 120 of 156 funds
200411.86%11.4%Ranked 100 of 152 funds

Data contained in this table as at 30 June 2014

Who runs Lifefocus Superannuation Fund?

In the table below, you can find the name of the company that runs Lifefocus Superannuation Fund and other administration details including, whether the super fund is open to the public (public offer) or not open to general public (non-public offer), how the super fund is structured and the super fund’s Australian Business Number.

Fund trusteeCCSL Limited
Public offer statusPublic offer
Fund year-end30/06/14
Fund ABN94579217553
Fund wind-up date (if applicable)

Data contained in this table as at 30 June 2014

Lifefocus Superannuation Fund fund member profile

  • Lifefocus Superannuation Fund has 4,073 members, which ranks it at number 136 largest of 289 funds.
  • Lifefocus Superannuation Fund has 1,487 pension members, which ranks it at number 136 largest of 153 funds.

In the table below you can discover how many superannuation accounts that Lifefocus Superannuation Fund looks after, the age and gender profile of Lifefocus Superannuation Fund fund membership and how that compares across all super funds.

Number of member accountsFund percentageAverage percentage across all funds
Age below age 35
Age 35-49
Age 50-59
Age 60-65
Age over 66

Data contained in this table as at 30 June 2014

Further information on Lifefocus Superannuation Fund

In the table below you can discover further information about Lifefocus Superannuation Fund, in particular, the annual statements for the year ended 30 June 2014, which includes operating expenses of the fund, taxes, insurance and super contributions for the year.

Net assets at beginning of period ($’000)266,516 (135 largest of 193 funds)
Net assets at end of period ($’000)348,482 (133 largest of 193 funds)
Total operating expenses as a percentage of total assets0.71% (average is 0.51%)
Net operating performance after tax ($’000)81,966
Total assets at end of period ($’000)349,168
Total liabilities at end of period ($’000)686
Employer contributions ($’000)3,311
Personal member contributions ($’000)11,348
Other contributions ($’000)0
Total contributions ($’000)14,659
Contributions tax and surcharge ($’000)695
Inward rollovers ($’000)79,129
Outward rollovers ($’000)14,323
Net rollovers ($’000)64,806
Repatriation to employer sponsor ($’000)0
Lump sum benefit payments ($’000)8,215
Pension benefit payments ($’000)11,607
Total benefit payments ($’000)19,822
Net contribution flows ($’000)59,643
Total foreign exchange gains/losses (realised and unrealised) ($’000)0
Total unrealised gains/losses on investments ($’000)16,313
Total realised gains/losses on investments ($’000)-2,449
Total gains/losses on investments ($’000)13,864
Total Investment Income ($’000)26,266
Total investment expenses ($’000)2,428
Net investment income ($’000)23,838
Total operating expenses ($’000)2,483
Other income + Fees and commissions ($’000)0
Reconciling item ($’000)0
Net earnings ($’000)21,355
Tax expense on earnings ($’000)-2,149
Net earnings after tax ($’000)23,504

Data contained in this table as at 30 June 2014

Copyright text: All explanatory text is the copyright of SuperGuide Pty Ltd. All data information is the copyright of Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). All data information is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence (CCBY 3.0). APRA will be releasing 2015 data in early 2016.

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