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  1. Ramakant Duggal says:

    Hi Trish,

    I did some ‘googling’ and found this clear answer to my question of access to super at 55 over.

    I have some questions. I am living overseas since the year 2000 – Singapore, Dubai and Bangkok. I am still working so can’t claim retirement, hence TRIP seems to be a good thing.

    My Q’s are :

    1. I realise the posts in here are from 2011, hope it is not too stale to post these Q’s. Is TRIP still a legit way to access super after 55 ?

    2. How do I go about applying for TRIP ? Can I do it while overseas or does it require a trip home ?

    3. Are there any consultants/advisors who might get teh paperwork rolling for me ?

    4. How do I know which is the “preserved” portion and which part can I withdraw ?

    The total amount in my super is just below 100k. It is not going to go far towards retirement if and when I return to Oz (which is very doubtful in my case).

    Much appreciate any answers.



  2. TRPI?

    Calculation how?

  3. Hi Trish
    I am turning 55 with $380,000 currently in super and my bank has suggested we take the 10% per annum option and use it towards paying off our $160,000 mortgage. Do you have any thoughts on this?

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