Types of investments for superannuation

Types of investments for superannuation funds is a topic that covers nearly all investments that an individual or investment vehicle could invest in outside of the superannuation system. Note that investments within a superannuation fund are often subject to an extra layer of super rules.

The types of investments that a super fund can invest in include nearly an unlimited range of assets and asset classes including shares – both Australian shares and international shares. Australian shares often pay franked dividends and generate franking credits. International shares can be hedged or unhedged, which means that movements in the Australian dollar when investing overseas can be taken into account (hedged) or not taken into account (unhedged).

Other types of investments in super include cash, term deposits and other fixed interest investments such as Australian bonds and international bonds (including corporate bonds). Super funds can invest in infrastructure investments both in Australia and internationally, private equity and also invest via hedge funds.

Super funds can invest in listed property investment and direct property. Specific property articles are listed elsewhere but super funds can invest in Australian real estate investment trusts (A-REITs) and international REITs (global listed property trusts), and direct property. For more information on property and superannuation click here.

Non-traditional assets and investment are also permitted as investments within a super fund including contracts-for-differences, options and  collectibles – for more information on collectibles (collectables) and personal use assets, click here.

Super funds, including SMSFs, use different investment strategies to maximise investment returns for fund members – for more information on investment strategies for super funds click here.

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