ATO supervisory levy

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SMSF: Annual ATO levy to be cut   Super Guide

Hidden in a raft of 92 announcements relating to the outcome of unlegislated tax and superannuation measures, some uncharacteristic good news came to light for SMSF trustees.

SMSF providers: What should I look for when setting up my DIY super fund?   Super Guide

Q: I am about to set-up my SMSF but I am not sure who to handle this for me. Some are reasonably priced but I am concerned about access and professionalism as they are online only.

New laws: Is your SMSF due for a super service?   Super Guide

Read this article to discover the new rules in place for SMSF trustees, and discover what you can do to ensure your SMSF operates within the super laws.

SMSF whack! Another 11% increase in ATO supervisory levy   Super Guide

Effective from the 2011/2012 year, the ATO supervisory levy for self-managed super funds has increased from $180 to $200. The levy hike is an 11% increase from the previous financial year, and a massive 400% increase from the ATO levy that was payable 5 years ago.

‘Stronger Super’ is the catch-cry heralding in the Federal Government’s response to the Cooper Review report on the superannuation system.

The Federal Government released its response to the Cooper Report on 16 December 2010, and among the 139 recommendations it took on board from the Cooper Report, one of those recommendations could potentially be explosive for some SMSF trustees.

Hidden in the Federal Government’s response to the Cooper Review is a real doozey. The Government recommends that self-managed super funds be hit with a higher supervisory levy, effective from the 2010/2011 year.

If you run a self-managed super fund don’t be expecting to invest in anything exotic, or to get up close and personal with fund assets, based on the latest preliminary recommendations from the Super System Review (SSR).