Lost super

Lost super is a special term to describe super benefits that are recorded in the Lost Members Register.

Your super benefits may be recorded as lost if your super fund cannot contact you (due to moving house or some other event), or your super account has not received any contributions in the past 5 years.

This article shows how you can find your lost super by using SuperSeeker, the Tax Office's search service which looks for your name on the Lost Members Register.

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SuperGuide checklist: 10 ways to save your super

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Super for beginners, part 21: You know where your super goes, right?


Q: How do I find out where my super contributions end up? What I mean is, how do I find out the name of my super fund? A: Your question is a popular one in Australia, even though super fund members receive member statements from their super funds every year. Know the name of your super fund If … [Read more...]

Super monkeys stop women creating a financially secure retirement


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Super health check for beginners: 10 tips for your 2014/2015 retirement planning


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Super in 3 steps: You’re probably richer than you think


If you have more than one super account you’re probably paying more in fees than you need to, and possible having insurance premiums deducted from each of your super accounts. Paying at least double (and triple if you have 2 super accounts) in fees and insurance is not a great retirement planning … [Read more...]

Find lost super in 4 steps, and make quick cash


Did you know that billions of dollars is sitting in lost super accounts waiting for Australians to claim the super cash? If you’re one of the Aussies with one or more lost accounts then you better act quickly. The federal government has changed the super rules, which means that your ‘lost’ super … [Read more...]

Ten handy uses for the APRA200 performance list


Note: This article is updated each year to reflect the latest APRA performance data for Australia’s largest 200 super funds. The latest data was released by APRA in January 2014. The next APRA report is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2015. The Australian Prudential Regulation … [Read more...]

Liberal Party’s superannuation to-do list (updated)


The Liberal Party and National Party Coalition are now in government and the superannuation agenda has shifted slightly, although the LNP has not yet confirmed all of its pre-election superannuation policies. Outlined below is a quick recap of the LNP’s position on current and proposed … [Read more...]

Superannuation: Hit list for the 2013 Federal Election (September 2013 update)

Superannuation election

UPDATE: The Liberal/National Party coalition won the September 2013 election. For a current list of the government’s current and proposed superannuation policies, see SuperGuide article Liberal Party’s superannuation to-do list (updated). The official election campaign is in full force and we … [Read more...]

2013 Federal Election: new super changes summary (April 2013)


On 5 April 2013, federal treasurer Wayne Swan, and Minister for financial services and superannuation, Bill Shorten announced a bucket of changes to the existing super arrangements. This article is a summary of the announced changes, and you can find more detail on the proposed changes in separate … [Read more...]