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Current issue:

September 2016: More super changes, short story on contributions caps, super for beginners guide, CSHC, Age Pension increases

Previous issues:

August 2016: Top 30 super funds, cheapest funds, stinker cap, tax-free super for over-60s, Government’s super hit list

July 2016: Post-election super guide, top 10 super funds, 2016/2017 contributions guides, finding the right adviser, new Age Pension thresholds and more

June 2016: Election super summary, $1 million retirement on 3% returns, Retirement Reckoner, contributions strategies, 2016/2017 super thresholds, SMSF deadlines

May 2016: Super stinker revisited, $1 million retirement, 10 tips for year-end, best super funds, minimum pension payments, Age Pension

Federal Budget May 2016: Contributions caps savaged, limits on pension balances, curb on TRIPs, higher contributions tax hits more, super tax refund, income tax cuts and more

April 2016: How much super is enough?, SMSF and property, make 50% return on your super, hike in contributions tax, Q&As

March 2016: Bigger funds mean better returns? Gender gap on super boards, latest Age pension increases, super funds in the red, and more

February 2016: Top 30 super funds, top 20 cheapest insurance, 10-step plan for SMSFs, contributions caps, latest rates and thresholds

January 2016: Top 10 super funds for 2015, Top-performing asset classes, SMSF boo-boos, updated contributions guides, tax-free super

December 2015: Crazy cap talk, SMSF Pension Guide, $1 million opportunity, why women must save more super, Age Pension change, special over-50s contributions cap and more

November 2015: Super scuttlebutt and other rumours, ATO SMSF hit list, Contributions Quiz, age-based super strategies

October 2015: Retirement quiz, Government super policies, 20 ways to grow your super, SMSF property, life insurance

September 2015: Investment scams, CSHC indexed, best super funds, cheapest funds, Age Pension increase, super for beginners guide

August 2015: Age Pension changes, how much super is enough, salary sacrifice, contribution splitting, when can I retire?

July 2015: Top 10 super funds, 2015/2016 contributions guides, tax-free super, new Age Pension thresholds, accessing super early

June 2015: Age Pension changes, SG rates, transition-to-retirement pensions, SMSF costs, contributions strategies

Federal Budget May 2015: Age Pension changes hit super savers and retirees, accessing super for terminally ill, CSHC, small business benefits

April 2015: ALP targets super savers and retirees, 2015/2016 contributions caps, minimum pension payments, latest super thresholds, new adviser register

April 2015 alert: Taxpayer’s guide to super tax reform, looting SMSFs, franking credits at risk, new rules for excess contributions

March 2015: Chris Cuffe’s estate planning tips, tax-free retirement, 30 facts from the Intergenerational Report, Age Pension changes, contributions refresher

February 2015: Forget about retiring at 55 after July 2015, super and tax Q&As, Age Pension deeming rates, SMSF boo-boos, DIY Super For Dummies

January 2015: 20 ways to save your super, Top 10 super funds, latest investment returns, fee comparison, six-step retirement planning

December 2014: Franked dividends at risk, updated contributions guides, SMSF borrowing, super tax concessions

December 2014 alert: Financial System Inquiry – SMSF borrowing ban, better financial advisers, franked dividends, higher super taxes

November 2014: Exodus to SMSFs, CSHC changes, $1 million contributions, super monkeys block women and more

October 2014: Cheapest funds for life insurance, 2014/2015 super checklist, free SMSF publications, Top 10 must-know super facts, super death tax

September 2014: Top 10 cheapest funds, how to spot an independent adviser (guest contributor), CSHC increase, Age Pension rates, divorce and super, franked dividends

September 2014 alert: Superannuation Guarantee increase stalled until 2025, LISC available 4 more years, CSHC index legislation passes

August 2014: $1 million or $2 million retirement, retiring early, CSHC changes, SMSF residency, SuperStream

July 2014: Top 10 super funds, 2014/2015 contributions guides, best asset classes for 2014, Age Pension changes, 22-year returns

June 2014: Age pension bonus, SG increase, SG Q&As, contributions caps, SMSF boo-boos, penalties, SMSF costs

May 2014: Preservation age, CSHC, aged care & SMSFs, salary sacrifice, bring-forward rule, double-digit returns and more

Federal Budget May 2014: Age Pension changes, CSHC shocks, SG delay, excess tax, debt levy, 10 ways to lose an election

May 2014 alert: Commission of Audit: Age Pension age, preservation age, CSHC, PBS and more

April 2014: How much super is enough? (latest figures), Lift in Age Pension age, SMSF pensions, lump sums, tax-free super, double-digit returns

March 2014: Higher contributions caps, SMSF & property, Age Pension increase, transition-to-retirement pensions, accessing super early

February 2014: Investment special – Top 25 super funds, SMSFs outperform, double-digit returns, 2013 asset class winners, working into your 80s

December 2013: MYEFO, SMSF levy cut, how much do your super fund execs get paid?, more independent trustees needed, over-50s case study, last call for Age Pension Bonus

November 2013. BUMPER EDITION: Top 30 super funds, how much is enough (updated), working to age 67, extra super tax, Age Pension shock, tax-free pension earnings and more

October 2013 (No 2): Secret to a secure retirement, free advice service, accessing super, ideal SMSF balance, deeming rates drop and more

October 2013 (No 1): Your 2013/2014 super checklist, super contributions, SMSF costs, outliving your retirement savings, lost super, MySuper

September 2013: Libs to-do list, Top 10 SMSF boo-boos, Age Pension increases, super fees, dividends and more

ELECTION ALERT (September 2013): Battle over SG, clawback tax refund, indexing CSHC, defence super, tax-free death benefits and more

August 2013: SUPER & TAX SPECIAL, tax freeze, best super funds, top 10 cheapest funds, 21 years of SG, franked dividends, Q&As and more

July 2013: Top 10 super funds, 2013/2014 contributions guides, best asset classes for 2013, minimum pension payments, 20 Q&As

June 2013: Off-market share transfers, Age Pension changes, no tax in retirement, SG increase, Seniors Health Card, MySuper, Guest contributor and more

May 2013: Guest contributor, $1 million retirement, SMSF changes, tax rates, election summary

Federal Budget May 2013: Have your say on Super Charter, goodbye to tax cuts, more Medicare Levy, higher contributions caps, Age Pension and your home

April 2013: BUMPER EDITION: New pension tax (30 Q&As), harsher Age Pension test, contributions cap for over-60s, SuperGuide comparison tool, how much super is enough and more

April 2013 (SuperGuide Alert): Super changes summary, New tax on pension earnings, higher concessional cap for over-50s, excess contributions tax changes

March 2013: Federal Election hit list, Age Pension increases, underfunded women, typical SMSF portfolio, super contributions, accessing super early and more

February 2013: Tax-free super saved, Top 10 funds, double-digit returns, SMSF pensions, MySuper and more

January 2013: Top 25 super performers, SMSF fees and performance, 3-minute reader survey

December 2012: Shorten’s scorecard, 10 more ways to boost super, returning to work, salary sacrifice, transition-to-retirement pensions, SMSFs, Q&As

November 2012: 10 ways to save your super, advisers wanted, cheapest funds, best performers, SMSF property, free retirement planning and more

October 2012: Mid-year outlook super changes, SMSF fee hike, tax-free pension assets, Consumer Centre, contributions caps and more

September 2012: Super fund discloses executive pay, Age Pension increase, Moving super between Oz and NZ, SMSFs and more

August 2012: $1 million or $2 million retirement, SMSF fee hike, ATO hit list, making contributions, life insurance, Q&As and more

Investment Performance special (August 2012): Top 10 funds, best asset classes, cheapest super funds, 2012 performance figures

July 2012: Close SMSFs at 65? (guest article), 2012/2013 super checklist, fraud and over-50s, salary sacrifice, 24 Q&As, Seniors Health Card and more

June 2012: Super rich SMSFs, contributions guides for 2012/2013, Age Pension changes, Senior Australians Tax Offset, update on off-market share transfers and more

June 2012 Alert: SMSFs & off-market share transfers, 100% return on super, minimum pension payments, contributions caps

May 2012: SMSFs outperform large funds, Concessional contributions (Q&As), independent advisers, Age Pension case studies, SMSF costs, SMSF boo-boos and more

Federal Budget May 2012: Double tax for high-income earners, goodbye over-50s contributions cap, freezing contributions cap, halving co-contributions.

April 2012: Only 3% of financial plans rated good, Reader survey, free SMSF tool, super tax refund, SMSF investment, how much is enough and more.

March 2012: ATO softens stance on contributions tax, SG to jump 33%, Age Pension increase, Top 20 super funds and more

February 2012: Worst super policy ever, list of 9 independent advisers, how to fight excess contributions tax, best super funds for 2012, Q&As and more

January 2012: Bitter pill for advisers, Top 10 super funds, 2011 investment winners, 2012 to-do list, Top 10 articles, DIY Super For Dummies, 20 Q&As and more

December 2011: How $1 million can last longer than you, free retirement planning, Top 10 SMSF boo-boos, Age Pension case studies, DIY Super For Dummies, SMSF report and more

December 2011: Q&A SPECIAL – super contributions, re-contribution strategy, tax-free super, DIY super, SMSF pensions, accessing super and more

November 2011: Contribution caps frozen, SG for over-70s, co-contribution halved, bring-forward snags, Trish Power’s latest book (special offer)

October 2011: Trish Power’s latest book (special offer), surviving post-GFC era (10 strategies), cheapest funds, 10 must-know super rules, Q&As

September 2011: $1 million retirement revisited, SMSF borrowing rules relaxed, Age Pension increase, SMSF Q&As, Age Pension Q&As and more

August 2011: More pension relief for retirees, $2 million retirement, horror returns, 20 years of SG, comparing funds, how much is enough and more

July 2011: INVESTMENT SPECIAL, Top 10 funds, SMSF pensions, updated contributions guides, SATO, Age Pension changes and more

June 2011: TOP 10 SPECIAL, Over-50s contributions cap, annuities, bring-forward rule, TRIPs and more

May 2011: SG lost due to salary sacrificing, is super tax-effective?, SMSF pensions, accessing super at 60, and lots more

Federal Budget May 2011 Newsletter: Excess contributions tax relief, pension payment relief, hike in SMSF levy, over-50s cap, At a super glance

April 2011: Exclusive list of 7 independent advisers, ban on trailing commissions and volume-based payments, super tax alert, contributions special, and more

March 2011: SMSF SPECIAL, daft excess contributions tax, Age Pension rates, divorce and super, CSHC and more

February 2011: EXCLUSIVE (How to spot an independent adviser), 2011 super checklist, new SMSF study, industry funds outperform retail, accessing super early (22 Q&As) and more

January 2011: Not the time to quibble (financial advice), accessing super early, SuperGuide Directory, top 20 articles, top 10 super topics

December 2010: Cooper Review response, hike in SMSF levy, how much super is enough?, life expectancy, same-sex couples and super, TRIPs, Q&As and more

November 2010: Gang of 18 to transform financial advice?, co-contribution changes, stricter rules for SMSF collectibles, Age Pension and super and more

October 2010: SMSF SPECIAL: Property investing, borrowing, bring-forward rules, finding lost super and Q&As

September 2010: Secret to long-term wealth, top-performing super funds, Shorten to-do list, Age Pension rip-off?, SMSF costs, SMSF investments and more

August 2010: Q & A SPECIAL – Contribution strategies, SMSFs, retirement planning, accessing super early, tax-free super

August 2010 Election special: Top 10 dunderhead comments, Mining tax is good for Aust, Could Greens control both houses?, Liberals light on super, SMSF collectibles OK and more.

July 2010: Super funds return 10%, how much money is enough, updated contribution guides, bumper Q and As and more

June 2010: Unfair contributions tax, free cash for homebuyers, SMSFs and art, crooks stealing our super, 2010/2011 super rates and thresholds and more

May 2010 (special Federal Budget edition): Sneaky move on co-contribution, tax discount for savers, SMSF investment opportunity and more

Henry Tax Review Special: SG jumps to 12%, tax refunds, contributions cap doubles, no more commissions, Cooper bans exotics

April 2010: Cooper review declares war on retail funds/financial advisers, cheapest super funds ever!, free SMSF education tool, exclusive survey results and more.

March 2010: Top 10 super wish list, super deal on life insurance, financial advice for $500?, SMSF property instalments, and more.

February 2010: Exclusive list of 14 independent advisers, super tax shock, SMSF pensions, a super study for late-starters, and more.

January 2010: Living in la la land (Henry tax review), top 20 articles from 2009, top 10 super searches

December 2009: Super industry knows best, 10 super tips for healthy retirement, accessing super early, salary sacrifice loophole, contribution survival guides.

November 2009: Consumers lose in super war, SMSF fraud, older women dying younger, new life tables, how much is enough, fees.

October 2009: DIY Super For Dummies, don’t call us DIY super trustees!, how to find independent financial advice, buying overseas property, saving your family a tax bill, and more.

September 2009: Four lessons from the GFC, how much money is enough?, top super funds, cheapest funds, DIY super leads again, and more

August 2009: Kudos to a special pollie, Age Pension changes, Pension Bonus Scheme closes, 200 super funds exposed and more

July 2009: Exclusive: Cheap financial advice, making $300,000 without trying, can your DIY super fund live forever?, leaving your super to adult children

June 2009: Top ten problems with our super system, defending SMSF trustees, contribution survival guides, DIY super’s ten commandments

May 2009 (special Budget edition): Does the Government think we’re stupid? Six political cons in the Budget. Also analysis on super and retirement changes

April 2009: Women and carers ignored by super law-makers, turn zero dollars into $2250 in four steps, a quick guide to super’s rates and thresholds, boosting your spouse’s super account

March 2009 (1st issue): Jump in Contribution limits for 2009/2010 year, 12 legal ways to withdraw your super benefits, new super rates and thresholds now available, DIY super and property.