Accessing super early

You can access superannuation benefits when you retire, or when you satisfy another condition of release.

In this section you can also learn more about the conditions of release that permit you to claim your super before you retire, that is early access or early release of super.

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Super for Beginners (25 Q&As)

One of SuperGuide’s more popular initiatives has been the development of a ‘Super for Beginners’ section that answers some of the many questions that we receive from those readers who are new to superannuation and new to super’s terminology.The series currently consists of several lead articles, … [Read more...]

The super challenge: At what age should I retire?

Selecting a retirement age, even if you plan to continue some form of work during retirement, can be a difficult decision. In some cases, individuals don’t get a choice about when to retire due to health issues, or due to redundancy in later years and then difficulty finding another job.Although … [Read more...]

Accessing super: How long does it take for TPD insurance to be paid out?

Q: I am going to claim TPD from my super fund due to mental illness. My psychologist thinks I will be approved. I am 29 and have a lot of reports and evidence. I can hand in my forms with everything there. Do you know how long will it take to be approved? Do all super people reject first claim to … [Read more...]

Accessing super early: 14 legal ways to withdraw your super benefits

Many Australians are facing hard times, especially with structural change transforming our economy. The harsh reality is that mortgage repayments and everyday living expenses continue even when you when suffer redundancy, illness or other forms of misfortune.We receive hundreds of emails from … [Read more...]

Income protection insurance: Can I claim against my super’s policy due to work injury?

Q: I was injured at work in September 2013, and have not worked since. I was paying income protection premiums. I was on a permanent contract at the time of the injury. The contract was to end in November placing me back into casual pool, but due to my injury I never went back to work. The super … [Read more...]

Accessing super early: Terminal illness

Q: I have a terminal illness. Can I access my super benefits now?A: I’m sorry to read about your illness. For the past few years, the superannuation rules now recognise that super benefits can be accessed early under such devastating circumstances.For your information, ‘terminal illness’ for … [Read more...]

Accessing super early: Australian citizen retiring overseas

Q: I’m a Filipino-Australian citizen, 45 years old and working for the past 15 years in Australia. I would like to retire to the Philippines at 60 years of age. At that age, I plan to buy an income stream from my super lump sum. Am I allowed to receive my income stream monthly payment in the … [Read more...]

I’m leaving Australia: Can I access my super?

Q: I really found your web page very informative as I am just about to retire. I wish I had read it years ago. You certainly take the mystery out of super. My son, 42 yrs old, has moved permanently to the USA. He does not intend to return to Australia. He has a small industry-based super account and … [Read more...]

Accessing super early: Permanent departure from Australia (6 Q&As)

This article contains 6 examples of popular questions received by SuperGuide from Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents departing Australia, and who are seeking to withdraw super benefits before retirement. If you’re a temporary resident of Australia then check out another … [Read more...]

Accessing super early: Terminally ill receive tax break

Individuals with a terminal medical condition are able to access their super lump sum payments tax-free, regardless of age.A super fund can release super benefits early to a fund member, if the fund member has a terminal medical condition. According to the legislation, a terminal medical … [Read more...]