Financial advice

If you’re making significant financial decisions, or are serious about retirement planning, at some stage you’re likely to seek financial advice.

The key is to use an independent financial adviser who is not rewarded with commissions for selling you financial products. Any adviser you use for superannuation advice or retirement planning should charge a fee, rather than accept commissions.

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Financial advice: Only 82 independent financial advisers in Australia

Note: This article is updated regularly when new financial advisers join the independence club (latest update October 2016). A financial adviser does not have to be a member of the IFAAA to join the SuperGuide list, provided they can declare that they satisfy the requirements of being an independent … [Read more...]

Over 60: Want to save some cash? Get a state Seniors Card

Note: This article explains the benefits of state Seniors Cards, and how to apply for a card in your state. If you’re seeking information on the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC), then check out SuperGuide article Are you eligible for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card?Everyone loves a … [Read more...]

Want investments that help you sleep? Understand your risk profile

Everyone is different and when it comes to investing, some people find themselves tossing and turning in bed, while others sleep easy. As an investor or super fund member, the key to getting a good night’s rest is to pick the investments (or investment options in your super fund) that match your … [Read more...]

Financial advice guide: What to expect when you talk to an adviser

Once you decide you need help from a financial adviser, for many people the process of actually getting professional assistance with their finances remains a mystery.Despite what you may think, financial advice is a two-way conversation. You need to do a bit of homework beforehand and give the … [Read more...]

Problem with your adviser or super fund? A 2-step plan to resolve it!

Knowing who to turn to when you need help resolving a problem with your super fund or financial adviser can be tricky. There are a number of organisations that can help, but they all have different areas of responsibility and can help you in different ways.To help you understand what assistance … [Read more...]

Seeking financial advice? A 5-step guide to obtaining expert help

Now that the outcome of the 2016 Federal election is finalised, with the Coalition winning government, the super system is set to face even more change. Unfortunately, more complexity usually accompanies any proposed superannuation reforms, driving many Australians to seek out financial … [Read more...]

SMSF advice: Is your accountant still allowed to help your fund?

Being the trustee of a self-managed super fund can be a challenging task at times, and most people need a bit of help at certain stages when running a SMSF, particularly when a decision, or strategy, requires financial advice. Traditionally, many Australians have turned to their accountant for … [Read more...]

Introducing SuperGuide’s Retirement Reckoner

Over the years, we receive many requests from readers seeking the magic lump sum amount needed to finance a worry-free lifestyle in retirement. In the many articles we have published on the topic, we have assumed certain rates of return, different retirement ages, different life expectancies, and in … [Read more...]

Low yields: A $1 million retirement on 3% or 2% returns

Note:  This article lists expected annual retirement incomes for a $1 million starting retirement balance, when savings are invested during retirement delivering returns of 3% or 2% each year. If you opt for a 3% investment return, rather than, say, 5% or 7% return, during retirement, then you will … [Read more...]

Life expectancy: Will you outlive your retirement savings?

Every five years, the latest data is released on average life expectancies, that is, how many years you’re expected to live, on average. The table contained within this article contains the most up-to-date information on expected lifetimes.Note: Updated life expectancy tables were released by … [Read more...]

Retirement: Today’s dollars, and why $1 million can’t last forever

Note: This article is a supporting article to the two-part series, ‘Crunching the numbers: a $1 million retirement (7% and 5% returns)’ and ‘Crunching the numbers: a $1.6 million retirement’ (links for these articles are set out at the end of the article).Before I receive dozens of emails … [Read more...]

Crunching the numbers: a $1 million retirement (7% and 5% returns)

Note: This article is periodically updated with new figures (in particular the effects of the latest Age Pension rate changes), covering retirement incomes when retiring at age 56, age 61, age 65, age 67 and age 70. The article allows readers to compare what a $1 million retirement can deliver if … [Read more...]