Financial advice

If you’re making significant financial decisions, or are serious about retirement planning, at some stage you’re likely to seek financial advice.

The key is to use an independent financial adviser who is not rewarded with commissions for selling you financial products. Any adviser you use for superannuation advice or retirement planning should charge a fee, rather than accept commissions.

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Financial advice: Only 31 (10 + 12 + 9) independent financial advisers in Australia


Note: This article is updated regularly when new financial advisers join the independence club (latest update February 2014). A financial adviser does not have to be a member of the IFAAA to join the SuperGuide list, provided they can declare that they satisfy the requirements of being an … [Read more...]

Cormann presses “pause” on FoFA changes after public pushback


The government has temporarily put on hold its highly controversial dilution of consumer protections in the financial advice laws while it consults with stakeholders. The announcement by Finance Minister Mathias Cormann comes after he took carriage of the changes to Labor’s Future of Financial … [Read more...]

Dear financial advisers: choose to be magnificent, not mediocre


I believe an independent, qualified financial adviser, focused on the best interests of the client can be a valuable partner for any individual’s or family’s wealth creation plans, along with excellent tax advice from an accountant. I assumed that the majority of the financial advising industry … [Read more...]

Financial System Inquiry: Where are the women, consumers and property expert?


On 20 December 2013, the federal government released the final Terms of Reference for the promised Financial System Inquiry (FSI), after a very speedy industry ‘consultation’ process that commenced on 21 November 2013. The federal government has also announced the appointment of 4 members to serve … [Read more...]

Liberal Party’s superannuation to-do list (updated)


The Liberal Party and National Party Coalition are now in government and the superannuation agenda has shifted slightly, although the LNP has not yet confirmed all of its pre-election superannuation policies. Outlined below is a quick recap of the LNP’s position on current and proposed … [Read more...]

SMSF basics: Trish’s 10 commandments of DIY super


If you’re running a self-managed super fund, then you’re obviously aware that being a SMSF trustee/member is a very different experience to belonging to a large super fund. In a large super fund, someone else looks after your superannuation benefits. As a SMSF trustee, you make all of the C-A-R-T … [Read more...]

Free retirement planning assistance now available


Thinking about how you’re going to plan your retirement can be daunting and I suggest you do as much research as possible before you book an appointment with a financial adviser or accountant (if that is what you choose to do). If you’re like many Australians within 10 to 15 years of retirement, … [Read more...]

Life expectancy: Will you outlive your retirement savings?


The newly-elected Liberal government has flagged that it will be actively encouraging innovative retirement products to ensure Australians have options to “better manage the financial risks they face in retirement, such as market risk, inflation risk and the risk that they may outlive their … [Read more...]