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SuperGuide is Australia’s leading website on superannuation and retirement planning, with over 1.8 million unique readers per year, and over 20,000 newsletter subscribers.

Normally it is difficult to get people to think about their financial future, but when someone visits SuperGuide, they are already in that frame of mind.

Additionally our audience are highly engaged and an attractive demographic.

You won’t find a richer environment in which to present a financial brand.

Website audience

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Email subscriber audience

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Media kit

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SuperGuide Media Kit


Website Dimensions Rate
Leaderboard 728 x 90 $40 CPM*
MREC 300 x 250 $40 CPM*
Half page 300 x 600 $60 CPM*
Skins 115 x 1050 (x 2) $100 CPM*
Monthly email newsletter Dimensions  Rate
First MREC 300 x 250 $900
Second MREC 300 x 250 $600

Note: States (eg NSW, QLD), and sections of SuperGuide (eg. SMSF or Retirement Planning) can be targeted for a 10% premium

  • *CPM = Cost per thousand impressions
  • All prices exclude GST

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