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SuperGuide is Australia’s leading website on superannuation and retirement planning, with over 3 million visits per year, and over 23,000 newsletter subscribers.

Hi – I’m Trish Power and I am the author of Super Freedom, DIY Super For Dummies, Superannuation For Dummies and many other books on super and investing.

And guess what! This site,, is the only INDEPENDENT website for consumers on superannuation in Australia.

I started this website with Robert Barnes because I passionately believe that Australians are entitled to independent information about something as important as financial security, and retirement. Although I have written many books on superannuation which are sometimes referred to in this website, I also understand that not everyone has the time to read books, or the spare cash to spend on books. For this reason, we intend to keep SuperGuide a free information site for all Australians.

I also hold the view that many financial organisations and licensed individuals charge for providing information and flogging products as if it is ‘advice’. Advice is important and can help you create wealth over the long-term, but educating yourself about superannuation and other financial matters can protect you from bad, biased or insufficient advice.

I am very proud of this website and I hope you find SuperGuide helpful.

Please let me know if you would like changes to the site, or if you require more information on specific superannuation issues.

After all, SuperGuide has been created for you.

Trish Power

trishpowerTrish Power is an author and journalist who lived a former life as a superannuation tech-head. She is the author of DIY Super For Dummies, 3rd edition and super bible, Superannuation For Dummies, 2nd Edition (Wiley).

Trish describes much of her financial writing as educative journalism. She is passionately committed to raising the level of financial literacy in Australia and empowering individuals to improve their financial circumstances.

Trish has worked on member communication campaigns for some of the largest superannuation funds in Australia, and spent several years educating and advising the community and industry on super while employed with the industry regulator. Trish has both a law degree and an economics/commerce degree from the University of Melbourne, and holds a professional writing and editing qualification from RMIT University.

Trish is interviewed regularly on radio and presents at educational seminars, typically speaking about investing, superannuation, property, and women and investing. She is the author of the following books:

  • DIY Super For Dummies, 2nd edition (2012) (Wiley)
  • Super Freedom (2011) (Wrightbooks)
  • Superannuation: Planning Your Retirement For Dummies (Wiley)
  • How to make $300,000 without trying! (30 ways to save your super) (Wilkinson Publishing)
  • DIY Super For Dummies (1st edition, 2009) (Wiley)
  • Investing for Australians All-in-One For Dummies (co-author) (Wiley)
  • DEAR TRISH… DIY SUPER: 101 Q and As (Wilkinson Publishing)
  • Dear Trish: Super – Tax-free Superannuation Dollars For You (Wilkinson Publishing)
  • Superannuation For Dummies (2nd edition, 2007) (Wiley)
  • You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Become Wealthy: The Baby Boomers Investment Bible (co-author, 2007) (Wrightbooks)
  • Superannuation: Choosing A Fund For Dummies (2005) (Wiley)
  • Superannuation For Dummies (1st edition, 2004) (Wiley)

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Robert Barnes

Robert has extensive experience in web business. He has worked with some of Australia’s most innovative digital businesses including Stateless Systems (creators of, First Digital (home to Business Spectator, Crikey, Smart Company and Eureka Report) and Before he moved to Australia, Robert worked at Universal Music International, where he helped them make the transition to the digital world.

Robert looks after the commercial, technical and operational aspects of SuperGuide.

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