Pension phase

Pension phase is the period during which a super fund pays an income stream or pension. The alternative to a pension phase is the accumulation phase.

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Parental leave policy dilutes franking credits on dividends   Super Guide

SMSF trustees and other direct share investors, and all members of large super funds, will indirectly help finance the government’s proposed parental leave policy.

SMSFs: Taking a lump sum from your super fund (5 Q&As)   Super Guide

Q: We have a SMSF with two members, both members having accumulation accounts and pensions. We understand that when you draw down pension amounts, the drawdown amount reduces the pension balance in accordance with the tax-free/taxable components, and any super contributions you make go into the separate accumulation account.

SMSF pension: After making super contributions, when can I convert to another pension?   Super Guide

Can I start the new account based pension as soon as I meet another “condition of release”, i.e. stop my part time employment?

SMSF pension: Can I still make super contributions?   Super Guide

Q: I am 62 years of age and retired. I have recently commenced an account-based pension from my SMSF. Can I still make non-concessional contributions to that fund?

SMSF pensions: How do I start one?   Super Guide

Q: How do you change your self-managed super fund (SMSF) from accumulation phase to pension phase (husband aged 60, and retired) and transition-to-retirement pension phase (myself aged 57 and still working part time)?

Tax free super for over 60s, except for some   Super Guide

If you withdraw your super benefits after you turn 60 years of age, you can expect to pay no tax on those super benefits, unless you are a member of certain public sector super funds (see summary table at the end of this article).

SMSF pension: How do I calculate my minimum pension payment?   Super Guide

Q: I run our SMSF. I wish to retire at 55. I am a little confused about the 4% minimum rule for pensions. Do I have to withdraw 4% of my total accumulation SMSF fund, or do I move some of the assets into a pension fund and then draw 4% a year (or whatever the pension relief amount is)?

SMSFs: How do I calculate CGT on an asset sale?   Super Guide

Q: If I purchased a rental property in my SMSF for say $200,000 five years ago and the house is now valued at $300,000 in the SMSF what will be the capital base for the calculation of future capital gains tax (CGT) if I sell the house?

Q: If my self-managed super fund (SMSF) owns an investment property, and the SMSF later sells the property, what is the amount of capital gain tax payable by the SMSF?

Super pensions: Starting a TRIP takes planning   Super Guide

Apparently the term ‘pension’ can trigger a negative reaction for some baby boomers. Many baby boomers don’t even like the relatively inclusive term of ‘seniors’ because this term already apply to the parents of baby boomers.