Types of superannuation funds

You can expect to find 5 broad types of superannuation funds in Australia – industry super funds, retail super funds, corporate (or company) super funds, public sector super funds and small super funds. Small super funds include self-managed super funds and small APRA funds. Other super fund types that are available include eligible rollover funds (ERFs) and Retirement Savings Accounts (RSAs), although RSAs are not strictly super funds.

Some super funds are restricted to employees of certain companies or industries, while other super funds are available to everyone. Super funds available to everyone are known as public offer funds. You can find a summary explaining the different types of super funds in the SuperGuide article Comparing super funds: Who’s who in the super zoo?

You may also hear the term MySuper, which is a default super fund, that is, the type of super fund an individual belongs to if he or she did not actively choose a super fund. MySuper funds can be any of the 4 types of large super funds, although MySuper funds are subject to special rules. For more information on MySuper click here.

Superannuation funds can be structured in 2 ways – as an accumulation fund (also known as a defined contribution fund), or a defined benefit fund.

  • Around 90% of all super funds and accounts are defined contribution (accumulation) funds, which means that the final retirement is based on the amount of money your employer and you contribute to the fund, plus earnings less taxes and fees.
  • The other 10% of super funds are defined benefit funds, which means a member’s final super benefit is based on a formula that takes into account the member’s final salary and the number of years that a person works for a company or government department. A super fund can be a combination of defined contribution and defined benefit.

For more information about defined benefit funds click here. If you belong to a public sector super fund, special rules often apply. For more information on public sector funds click here.

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