Is my super fund performing?

If you’re serious about saving for retirement then it is important to understand and monitor your super fund’s investment returns (after fees and taxes).

Your super fund’s long-term returns are the key ingredient to a healthy retirement balance, along with your super contributions. Your super fund’s investment returns can change over time depending on what is happening in the investment markets.

This section gives you the opportunity to compare your super fund’s returns with what other super funds are delivering. You can read about the investment returns of the 240-plus large super funds in Australia, as reported by three major rating agencies, and as reported by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).

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Investment performance: Super funds gain 3.2% for October 2015

The median superannuation growth fund gained 3.2% in value for the month of October 2015, following a loss of 1.1% in September, and a dramatic 2.9% loss in value in August, according to superannuation ratings company, Chant West.Although the 2.3% median return delivered in July 2015 and the … [Read more...]

Financial advice for super: Is it worth the money?

You don’t have to get advice when choosing super funds, or when considering making extra super contributions, or for any other financial matters. If you do want advice however, do some research on reputable advisers.Advisers deserve to be paid for providing advice but you have to decide how you … [Read more...]

Super rich tax? Trawling SMSF accounts to fix budget not the answer

Note: This article is an updated response to recent claims that superannuation tax concessions are directed towards the ‘super rich’. The federal government is considering significant tax reform, which is likely to include superannuation tax changes as part of that reform process. The relevant links … [Read more...]

SMSF investment: Three most popular asset classes, and the rest

Note: We regularly update this article with the latest data on self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) released by the Australian Taxation Office. This article contains the latest data available up to November 2015 (for data as at June 2015).Each quarter the ATO releases self-managed super … [Read more...]

Markets bear down on super during 2015/2016 year

Share markets around the world seem to be seesawing between freefalling and bouncing, and since August 2015, Australia’s share market has come down with a serious case of bear market. Okay, perhaps bear market may be a bit strong until we have a few more months like August, but not surprisingly, … [Read more...]

Investment performance: Super funds lose 1.1% for September 2015

The median superannuation growth fund lost 1.1% in value for the month of September 2015, following a dramatic 2.9% loss in value in August, according to superannuation ratings company, Chant West.Although the 2.3% median return delivered in July 2015, offset much of the loss in value suffered … [Read more...]

SuperGuide checklist: 10 more ways to boost your super

Note: This is the second article in a special two-part series that SuperGuide updates regularly, designed to help SuperGuide readers plan for retirement. This article, and the first article in the series, Super checklist: 10 ways to save your super (link also appears at the end of this article), is … [Read more...]

Investment performance: 23 years of SG delivers 7.6% a year

Since Superannuation Guarantee was introduced 23 years ago, the average long-term median return generated on a ‘balanced’ super fund account has been 7.62% a year, according to regular data released by superannuation ratings company, SuperRatings.Median return means the return delivered by the … [Read more...]

SuperGuide checklist: 10 ways to save your super

The superannuation accounts of Australians have been affected by volatile investment markets in recent months, and you may be tempted not to focus on your super and retirement plans because of this volatility. Although you cannot control the investment markets (but you or your super fund managers … [Read more...]

Comparing funds: How does my super fund rate?

Q: Currently my husband and I invest in a couple of super funds. How can we find out where they rank on performance, compared to other super funds?The ranking on performance can change over time for a particular fund, and the ranking also depends on the particular timeframe that you’re looking … [Read more...]