Is my super fund performing?

If you’re serious about saving for retirement then it is important to understand and monitor your superannuation fund’s investment returns (after fees and taxes). Your super fund’s long-term investment returns are the key ingredient to a healthy retirement balance, along with your super contributions. Your super fund’s investment performance can change over time depending on what is happening in the investment markets.

This section helps you find out what investment returns your super fund delivers, and how you can compare your super fund’s returns with what other super funds are delivering (for the top performing super funds, also check out our section Best performing super funds and for monthly investment returns and related articles visit our section Superannuation performance (investment returns)).

Understanding how well your super fund is performing, can help you with comparing super funds, including identifying the types of superannuation funds that are available.

Investment performance is also an important consideration when choosing a super fund.

For some helpful tips on comparing your fund’s investment performance, check out the following SuperGuide articles:

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Listed or unlisted investments? Why it matters for your super fund’s performance

With volatility returning to global share markets, most commentators are busy trying to work out where listed markets are headed. But before you check your investment crystal ball, it’s worth taking a moment to consider exactly what these investments are, and how superannuation funds blend a variety … [Read more...]

Infrastructure assets: why your super fund loves it when you fly

The types of assets that large super funds select to generate investment returns for their members are often a bit mysterious – just ask our Treasurer, Scott Morrison. He recently argued super funds should use their members’ money to buy key pieces of Australian infrastructure, like NSW’s … [Read more...]

Super for beginners, part 20: Comparing your super fund’s performance

Q: The investment return on my super fund account doesn’t seem to compare with the investment returns that I read about in the newspapers. Are the newspapers wrong, or am I in a rubbish super fund?A: Every month or two, the general media reports the latest returns from Australia’s largest super … [Read more...]

Super for beginners, part 11: Is my super fund good enough?

Q: I have my super with a major financial organisation. I’m wondering, are they a good company to be dealing with? I feel that their fees are a bit high: based on an investment amount of $300,000 the MER amount is $6,600 (2.2%) plus a monthly admin fee of $8.50. What are your thoughts on this … [Read more...]

Super fees: Top 10 cheapest funds in Australia

Note: This article contains the latest available fee information. In this article you can find the cheapest super funds and the cheapest super pension funds. We update this article periodically with fee data issued by SuperRatings, and for pension funds, by SelectingSuper. Latest update was August … [Read more...]

Asset classes: Naming the investment winners for the 2015/2016 financial year

Australian property (both listed and unlisted), global listed property and infrastructure investments were the stand-out performers for the 2015/2016 financial year (1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016), according to rating company, Chant West.In the table appearing later in the article, … [Read more...]

Super funds gain 3% for 2015/2016 financial year

The median superannuation growth fund gained 3% in value for the 12 months to 30 June 2016, although the median fund lost 1% for the month of June, according to superannuation ratings agency, Chant West.The 1% median loss in June 2016, follows the 2.3% gain in May 2016, the 1.4% gain in April … [Read more...]

Investment returns after retirement matter: Understanding the 10/30/60 Rule

When Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens said ultra-low global interest rates were causing problems for people’s retirement planning, he wasn’t exaggerating. But few realise quite how big the problem is – especially for those already in retirement.Record low global interest rates and low … [Read more...]

Super pensions: choosing an investment option in retirement

Most people think all the hard work is over once they hit retirement, but decisions still need to be made about how to invest your hard-earned super savings.Although people often choose to take their super account balance and invest it themselves during their retirement, super funds are keen to … [Read more...]

Super control: How to switch your super account’s investment option

With super funds set to deliver some disappointing investment returns for the 2015/2016 year, many Australians are worried about their retirement balance. A simple way to boost your savings could be to move some, or all, of your existing super account balance into another investment option within … [Read more...]

Low investment returns on your super: what can you do?

With Australian superannuation funds expected to just fall over the line into positive territory this financial year, the heady days of double-digit investment returns seem a distant memory. This financial year’s poor 1% return (approximately) is likely to have many members questioning how well … [Read more...]

Doubling your wealth is a super compound: Rule of 72

The level of investment return you can expect on your super account, or other type of investment, has been a hot topic recently. Volatile share markets and record low interest rates have prompted super funds and fund managers to temper the expectations of investors in relation to long-term returns … [Read more...]