Is my super fund performing?

If you’re serious about saving for retirement then it is important to understand and monitor your super fund’s investment returns (after fees and taxes).

Your super fund’s long-term returns are the key ingredient to a healthy retirement balance, along with your super contributions. Your super fund’s investment returns can change over time depending on what is happening in the investment markets.

This section gives you the opportunity to compare your super fund’s returns with what other super funds are delivering. You can read about the investment returns of the 240-plus large super funds in Australia, as reported by three major rating agencies, and as reported by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).

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Comparing funds: How does my super fund rate?

Q: Currently my husband and I invest in a couple of super funds. How can we find out where they rank on performance, compared to other super funds?The ranking on performance can change over time for a particular fund, and the ranking also depends on the particular timeframe that you’re looking … [Read more...]

Investment performance: Super funds lose 2.9% in value for August 2015

The median superannuation growth fund lost a dramatic 2.9% in value for the month of August 2015, due to growing concerns over slowing economic growth in China, according to rating company, Chant West. In contrast to the 2.3% median return delivered in July 2015, the 2.9% loss in value for the month … [Read more...]

MySuper: Now at a super fund near you

If you believe the federal government’s public relations campaign, MySuper can deliver you the equivalent of nirvana in superannuation – low fees, strong investment performance, financial security and a worry-free retirement.Pardon? You haven’t seen the government’s MySuper publicity campaign? I … [Read more...]

Investment performance: Benchmarking super fund returns

Q: What you do is very important, thank you. I am 62 years, retired and draw an account-based pension. What I need is to get sound independent advice about whether I am in the best fund for my needs and how my super fund compares. I am considering changing super funds, but I need to know whether the … [Read more...]

Super for beginners, part 20: Comparing your super fund’s performance

Q: The investment return on my super fund account doesn’t seem to compare with the investment returns that I read about in the newspapers. Are the newspapers wrong, or am I in a rubbish super fund?A: Every month or two (or more recently, every week it seems) the media reports the latest returns … [Read more...]

Super for beginners, part 11: Is my super fund good enough?

Q: I have my super with a major financial organisation. I’m wondering, are they a good company to be dealing with? I feel that their fees are a bit high: based on an investment amount of $300,000 the MER amount is $6,600 (2.2%) plus a monthly admin fee of $8.50. What are your thoughts on this … [Read more...]

Fees: Do cheaper super funds mean bigger retirement balances?

Countless reports have been published stating that super fund fees are too high, and that the super industry needs to work harder on lowering administration and investment fees. We all love a good deal and don’t want to pay more than we have to when saving for retirement. Are super fund fees now … [Read more...]

Super fees: Top 10 cheapest funds in Australia

Note: This article contains the latest available fee information. In this article you can find the cheapest super funds and the cheapest super pension funds. We update this article periodically with fee data issued by SuperRatings, and for pension funds, by SelectingSuper. Latest update was … [Read more...]

Investment performance: We’re the best super fund. No, we’re the best…

Note: Every 6 months, we update this article with the latest performance data on superannuation funds and pension funds, released by 3 rating agencies and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. This article contains the investment results for the best performing super funds up to 30 June … [Read more...]