Condition of release

A condition of release is a term that means a member can take his super out of the super system after satisfying a condition, such as retiring, or becoming permanently disabled.

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Super for beginners, part 5: Is super my money, or the Government’s money?

Q: I never understood the term ‘superannuation’. Is that our money or government money? If it is our money why can’t we do whatever we want with it? Isn’t it illegal to cut our rights when it comes to this matter?I agree with you that the term ‘superannuation’ is confusing.If you are … [Read more...]

Accessing super: How long does it take for TPD insurance to be paid out?

Q: I am going to claim TPD from my super fund due to mental illness. My psychologist thinks I will be approved. I am 29 and have a lot of reports and evidence. I can hand in my forms with everything there. Do you know how long will it take to be approved? Do all super people reject first claim to … [Read more...]

Accessing super early: Terminal illness

Q: I have a terminal illness. Can I access my super benefits now?A: I’m sorry to read about your illness. For the past few years, the superannuation rules now recognise that super benefits can be accessed early under such devastating circumstances.For your information, ‘terminal illness’ for … [Read more...]

I’m leaving Australia: Can I access my super?

Q: I really found your web page very informative as I am just about to retire. I wish I had read it years ago. You certainly take the mystery out of super. My son, 42 yrs old, has moved permanently to the USA. He does not intend to return to Australia. He has a small industry-based super account and … [Read more...]

Accessing super early: Permanent departure from Australia (6 Q&As)

This article contains 6 examples of popular questions received by SuperGuide from Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents departing Australia, and who are seeking to withdraw super benefits before retirement. If you’re a temporary resident of Australia then check out another … [Read more...]

Accessing super early: Terminally ill receive tax break

Individuals with a terminal medical condition are able to access their super lump sum payments tax-free, regardless of age.A super fund can release super benefits early to a fund member, if the fund member has a terminal medical condition. According to the legislation, a terminal medical … [Read more...]

Can I access my super early because of my disability?

Q: I have had two spinal operations and a heart attack three months ago at the age of 39. I have been on government benefits and disability living allowance, and because of my disability I can no longer work. What will happen to my super? Will I be able to get it early or will I have to wait until I … [Read more...]

I’m 60. Why can’t I access my super benefits?

Q: My husband just turned 60 years of age, and he has $80,000 in his super fund. We would like to withdraw his entire super as we need the funds to purchase a house. He is currently employed full-time and will be working for many years yet. We have sent the super fund all the documents to receive … [Read more...]

Should I retire? I’m 59, unemployed and have debt

Q: I’m 59 years of age and in March I lost my job. I have since been trying to find work but due to my age I’m finding it excessively hard. After much discussion with my wife we have decided that the best option would be for me to retire. As she is working and earns a decent wage, I am unable to … [Read more...]

Accessing super early: Living overseas and reached preservation age

Q: I’m an expat Australian, and I have been living in Europe for quite a few years. I am 57 and I want to access my superannuation to buy a property. Is that possible? I have no idea if I will retire back in Australia or stay here, but my view is that if I do retire back in Australia, I will sell … [Read more...]