Comparing super funds

Which superannuation fund is the most suitable for you? The best-performing super fund over the longer term is generally what everyone wants, but sometimes such information can be hard to find.

You can find out how to compare super funds, where to find the latest information on fund performance, and how to discover other important features of super funds.

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MySuper: 118 super funds now available   Super Guide

Since 1 July 2013, super funds have been able to offer a new superannuation product called MySuper. A MySuper product has a single diversified investment option, a minimum amount of life insurance cover, and standardised disclosure of fees.

Super funds gain 12.6% for 11 months to May 2014   Super Guide

The median superannuation growth fund gained 12.6% in value for the 11 months to 31 May 2014 (with super funds delivering 1.1% for the month of May).

Super for beginners, part 18: My employer hasn’t paid my SG. What can I do?   Super Guide

Q: What steps can I take to ensure my employer contributes all I’m owed to my super fund? I’m a non-resident who has just been refused a visa to stay longer in the country.

SMSF investment: Three most popular asset classes, and the rest (updated)   Super Guide

Each quarter the ATO releases self-managed super fund statistics derived from annual return data. Some of the more interesting data outlines the investments that SMSF trustees choose, and how much SMSF money is invested in the different asset types.

Do you fit the latest profile of a ‘typical’ SMSF trustee?    Super Guide

The latest ATO statistics on SMSFs (representing SMSF activity up to the end of March 2014) highlight some interesting observations that can be made about the current batch of SMSF trustees.

SMSF: How much does a DIY super fund cost? (updated figures)   Super Guide

Q: My wife and I are considering setting up a self-managed super fund. I asked two advisers for a quote on the set-up costs for a self-managed super fund with a starting balance of $600,000.

Super funds gain 11.4% for 10 months to April 2014   Super Guide

The median superannuation growth fund gained 11.4% in value for the 10 months to 30 April 2014 (with super funds delivering 0.8% for the month of April).

Super funds gain 10.5% for 9 months to March 2014   Super Guide

The median superannuation growth fund gained 10.5% in value for the 9 months to 31 March 2014 (although returns stalled for the month of March, delivering a loss of 0.3%).

SMSF basics: Can I run two super funds? (2 questions)   Super Guide

Q: My wife is 58 and retired and she has her own SMSF, where she has rolled over her super funds from various employers. She plans to start her SMSF pension soon.

Super funds gain 10.8% for 8 months to February 2014   Super Guide

The median superannuation growth fund gained 10.8% in value for the 8 months to 28 February 2014 (and returned 2.1% for the month of February) with shares and listed property driving performance.