Super Guide for under 18s

An individual under the age of 18, who is a child of a fund member, is automatically treated as a dependant for super and tax purposes if the parent dies leaving superannuation benefits. What this means is that such an individual will receive such super benefits tax-free.

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Tax deductible super contributions: Meeting the 10% income test   Super Guide

Q: I work for myself but I also have a part-time job. I have been told that even though I receive SG from my part-time employer, I can also make tax-deductible super contributions. Is that true? And if it is true, how does it work?

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Question: I am 16 years of age. I still go to school but I have just started my first part-time job. Do I get any superannuation? And if I do, where does it go?

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Superannuation only exists because of how super savings are taxed. Superannuation savings receive tax incentives to encourage Australians to choose super as a retirement savings option.

Estate planning: Beware the dastardly death tax   Super Guide

Although superannuation death benefits are tax-free when paid to dependants, a “death tax” continues to apply when super monies are paid to non-dependants.

Estate planning: Dear Dad, Tax for everything   Super Guide

If you plan to leave your super to your adult children when you die, your death benefit may be hit with tax, even though you would have received that benefit tax-free (if aged 60 or over) while you were alive.

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Making super contributions (and the rules applicable to the different types of contributions) is one of the more popular topics featured in our Q and As. Listed below are 20 popular Q and As about the contributions rules, updated for the 2010/2011 year.

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This article is the first in a series of special articles that SuperGuide will be publishing, designed to help SuperGuide readers more easily access the hundreds of questions and articles that we have published on the SuperGuide website.

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One of the best deals in superannuation has only a slight connection to your life in retirement. Life insurance cover within super funds rarely makes the headlines but for many Australians they are getting cost-effective cover from their super funds.

Q: I am a small business owner who currently employes a 16 year-old employee. They work a min of 20 hrs per week & their gross income exceeds $450 per calendar month. Am I required to pay them superannuation?