Find lost super or forgotten superannuation accounts

Do you know how many super accounts you have? If you don’t know, or you have remembered about long-forgotten super accounts, then this page can help you retrieve your super benefits, and combine them into a single super account.

Your super fund, or super funds, may have reported you as a ‘lost member’ to the Australian Tax Office, and your name is then added to the Lost Members Register. Typically, you will become a lost member if your super fund has not been able to contact you, and the fund has not received any super contributions on your behalf in the past 12 months. Alternatively, your super fund may report you as a lost member if your super account has not received any super contributions in the past 5 years.

The ATO may be holding your super money as well as maintaining the Lost Members Register. If your lost super becomes ‘unclaimed superannuation money’, your super fund must pay your super money over to the ATO. Your lost super becomes unclaimed superannuation money in 2 instances:

  • Your super account has a balance of less than $4,000 (small lost member accounts), and note that this $4,000 threshold increases to $6,000 from January 2017, OR
  • Your super fund has not received a super contribution (or transfer from another of your super accounts) within the past 12 months, and the super fund is satisfied that it won’t ever be possible to pay an amount to you as a fund member (insoluble lost member accounts)

If you want to find your forgotten super accounts, including any super accounts considered lost or unclaimed by your super fund and the ATO, then you can locate your super benefits by using the ATO services, MyGov ( to search for all of your super accounts) and SuperSeeker (which searches the Lost Members Register). For a step-by-step process explaining how to locate your super accounts, see SuperGuide article Find lost super in 5 steps, and make quick cash.

Once you find your super accounts, you can then decide which super fund you wish to use to consolidate your super benefits into one account. For an easy-to-follow explanation on how you to combine (or consolidate) your super accounts, see SuperGuide article Super in 3 steps: You’re probably richer than you think.

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