Combining super accounts

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Super health check: 10 tips for your 2013/2014 retirement planning


Note: This article is current for the 2013/2014 year. Near the start of each financial year, SuperGuide publishes an updated super checklist for readers. Use this list as a kick-start for your 2013/2014 super resolutions. You may not keep all of your resolutions, but if you do just a handful of … [Read more...]

Super in 3 steps: You’re probably richer than you think


Here’s a tip: a quick and easy way to feel instantly richer is to take the following 3 steps: Find out how much money you have sitting in your superannuation account. Locate any lost or forgotten super accounts Consolidate your super accounts, and potentially save thousands of … [Read more...]

Find lost super in 4 steps, and make quick cash


Did you know that billions of dollars is sitting in lost super accounts waiting for Australians to claim the super cash? If you’re one of the Aussies with one or more lost accounts then you better act quickly. The federal government has changed the super rules, which means that your ‘lost’ super … [Read more...]

Super for beginners, Part 1: I’m new to Australia – help me!


Q:  I'm new to Australia and I have no idea where to start with my super in order to have the best outcome 40 years from now. So far, I have had my super spread between 3 industry super funds, as organised by temp employment agencies. I know this is not the way to continue, but I am not sure who to … [Read more...]