Combining super accounts

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Super health check: 10 tips for your 2013/2014 retirement planning   Super Guide

Use this list as a kick-start for your 2012/2013 super resolutions. You may not keep all of your resolutions, but if you do just a handful of the tasks listed in the checklist below, you can strengthen the chances of a financially secure retirement.

Super in 3 steps: You’re probably richer than you think   Super Guide

Here’s a tip: a quick and easy way to feel instantly richer is to take the following 3 steps: 1. Find out how much money you have sitting in your superannuation account; 2. Locate any lost or forgotten super accounts; 3. Consolidate your super accounts, and potentially save thousands of dollars.

Find lost super in 4 steps, and make quick cash   Super Guide

Billions of dollars is sitting in lost superannuation accounts waiting for Australians to find and claim their super cash.

Super for beginners, Part 1: I’m new to Australia – help me!   Super Guide

Q: I’m new to Australia and I have absolutely no idea where to start with my super in order to have the best outcome 40 years from now.