How do I find a SMSF provider?

Q: I would like to know who is the best SMSF specialist in Perth who I can get to do my SMSF audit and tax return and give me the best advice on what to do.

Unfortunately I am unable to assist you with specific recommendations. We have developed a superannuation and financial services directory (, which may be a starting point for your search.

Note that this is a free directory and we do not endorse or otherwise the companies that are listing.

The majority of SMSF specialists are members of either SPAA, CPA Australia and ICAA, although not all SMSF specialists belong to these organisations.

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  1. I understand that you can’t make a recommendation Trish, but there’s no problem with other people who have set up their own SMSF’s sharing their experiences with who they had set up their SMSF, is there?

    That’s the power of the internet and blogging; people sharing their experiences and comments. It would be great to hear from some of your readers who they used and if they’d highly recommend them.

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