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download (26)A master at getting to the nub of complex superannuation rules and explaining them in user-friendly language. Trish keeps a close eye on superannuation policy changes and is great at drilling down on how these changes impact on real people. – Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees

Thank you for such a wonderful informative site!

Keep up the good work. I have been reading your contributions for several months if not years. Thanks for your selfless education to the public.

Thank you for the excellent article that clarified a few things for me.

Trish – Having followed your writings for years, may I say that your website is far, far superior to any other source of information within Australian mainstream publishing.

Thank you very much for listing this very useful information. I am very glad I found your site. I am sure this information will be helpful for many people.

I have to say you have a great web site, I will be digging around a bit more in the near future.

I just found your website – very succinct and helpful.

Thanks for the Super site – it has been very useful for me as a Trustee of my family SMSF. I have also bought your book, DIY Super for Dummies, which has been very informative and explained many issue in plain English.

Thanks for being there. For many many years your books and now your website have run my SMSF for me!

Thank you for your newsletter, I always enjoy reading it, and find it very informative.

I am so pleased to have found you have a website. Thank you for doing a great job.  Also have your book “Dear Trish” – great!

I like the way you write in a simplified way – makes it easier for a lot of us!

I have just been reading some of the superannuation newsletters. What a fantastic ‘easy to understand’ site and normal questions that seem to bother us all. I will be doing some regular reading on

Thank you for all your knowledge and the time you have taken to make this wonderful website so easy to understand. I have recently completed my RG146 and your website was the major contributor in me succeeding.

What a clear concise site that answers the real questions in a simple manner that I could understand. Many thanks.

I do congratulate on what your doing with your website, please keep up the good work.

Not many people have been able to make super as simple as possible. You succeed very well.  Well done and thank you.

Love your site. It helps me explain investing to my retired parents.

This is a great site … such an important yet complicated subject for us financial illiterates!

It is very reassuring to know that you are monitoring everything to do with super.

Thank you for this wonderful service. I have much reading to do!