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  1. I am currently with LESF and are looking to change to either Sunsuper or Australian Super. I am 35 and have around 43,000 in my super and are more concerned with low fees and super security. Was wondering what your thoughts are?

  2. Ian Croft says:

    Hi Trish,I do all this sort of stuff for my wife she is 52 in childcare with Australian Superfund. Is there a better one or not.Also she is thinking of retiring at 60\65

  3. Good info on super types

  4. Fiona McDonald says:

    Looking for some information on Blackrock sma – super fund. They have been recommended to me but seem quite new to Australia.

  5. Andrew Korcok says:

    I read Your book for Dummies;The Best…

  6. Andrew Korcok says:

    Trish ,You are the best.Your forever Dummie ,Andy

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