Super for beginners, part 21: You know where your super goes, right?

Q: How do I find out where my super contributions end up? What I mean is, how do I find out the name of my super fund?

A: Your question is a popular one in Australia, even though super fund members receive member statements from their super funds every year.

Know the name of your super fund

If you know the name of your super fund then everything in superannuation becomes a lot easier.

Next question: how do you find out the name of your super fund?

  1. Ask your employer, or even your fellow workers
  2. Check documents that your super fund sends to you
  3. What about the industry fund for your industry or trade?
  4. Could you belong to more than one super fund?

It’s a good idea to check that your super fund has your current address too.

How it works:

Bridgette is 23 and has just finished her first year as a qualified nurse. She wants to know how much money she has in her super fund. The problem is that Bridgette doesn’t know the name of her super fund: all she can remember is filling in a lot of employment forms when she started work. Most of her nursing colleagues belong to industry funds, HESTA or FirstState Super (formerly HealthSuper). She recalls receiving some documents from HESTA and her employer confirms contributions are paid into HESTA super fund.

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