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  1. So if I retired at age 65 with $1million @7% and drew $79k pa (indexed) until age 87 I presume the balance would be decreased to zero. Is that correct?

  2. Louis Salzman says:

    What will the proposed change to franking credits cost the government in terms of increased superannuation payouts as the result of lost franking income?

  3. Thanks for the excellent articles and information. Told me exactly what I wanted to know and alerted me to the fallacy of believing that my capital would not diminish over time.

  4. Will $950000 be enough to retire on?
    My wife is 59 and wants to retire next year at 60 and I am about to retire this month.
    We own our house and vehicles and have virtually no debt except utilities. Our electricity is covered by substantially by our solar panels, hence only a few outlays- rates,food, clothing, registration / car insurance.

  5. Hi Trish,
    I am turning 65 in August. My husband is 66 and receiving a part aged pension. If I wish not to apply for a pension at 64 1/2, do I have to advise centrelink of the amount held in my super account before August?

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