Accessing super early: Unemployed and in financial hardship

Q: I have been unemployed for 10 months now and I am still having problems finding work. I’ve got bills to pay off and I’m finding it hard to do that with the tiny amount I get from Centrelink each fortnight. Is there any way I can claim I have financial difficulties and use my superannuation towards my bills?

A: I’m sorry to read about your troubles. Yes, in certain circumstances individuals suffering financial hardship may be able to access a portion of their super benefits.

You must apply to your super fund to claim early access to your super benefits on the basis of severe financial hardship. Note that even if you satisfy the conditions for early access to super benefits due to ‘severe financial hardship’ you may belong to a super fund that doesn’t permit access on these grounds. As a preliminary step, check with your super fund as to whether they permit benefit withdrawals for financial hardship.

You must satisfy certain conditions for early access to super benefits based on ‘severe financial hardship’, which are outlined in a special regulation as part of the super laws (Sub-regulation 6.01 (5) and (5A) of the SIS Regulations). You can claim your super early based on severe financial hardship. If you satisfy one of the following two scenarios:

  • Received government income support for 26 weeks, and cannot meet immediate expenses. Can access up to $10,000 in each 12-month period.
  • Reached age 55 (current preservation age) and received government income support for 39 weeks. Can access full super benefit if required.

I explain the eligibility rules for severe financial hardship in more detail in the SuperGuide article Can I access super early due to ‘severe financial hardship’?

Warning: You may not be aware that if you are permitted to access your super benefits, then your super benefits are likely to be subject to benefits tax, which will be deducted from the super benefit before it reaches your hands.

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  1. Is there a limit on the number of times you can claim financial hardship from your super?

    I’ve looked on the ATO website and the Centrelink website but answers are a little ambiguous. I’ve been able to find that lump sum payments are up to a maximum of $10,000 in any 12 month period. Does this mean that you can apply for $10K, and if successful, apply for another $10K if you are still in financial hardship a year later? Or is it a lifetime cap of $10K with as many withdrawals up to that limit as requested, but only one request per year?

    If you could help me out that would be great.

    Thanks :)

    • Hi Claire
      Thanks for your question. My understanding is that the $10,000 limit applies per year, so if an applicant satisfied the condition for release in the next 12 month period, after the first 12 month period has passed, then the limit starts again.
      Check the SIS regulations for specifics.

  2. Just wondering which form to fill out to claim hardship…as I’ve been unemployed for 11 months and need a major boost.

    • Hi Simon
      Thanks for your comment. You will need to contact your super fund for the form you need to complete. Your super fund manages this process.
      I wish you the best

  3. Hi Trish

    I am 46 year old male who had a work related accident almost 4 years ago with my left wrist which I am now 40% impaired and I am left hand dominant which has left me struggling and my hand will not be the same. I did receive a payout and funds have been used up just recently have tried to get 10k out of my super but can’t as I am not on centrelink and I can’t receive disability until the end of year is their another way to get MY MONEY out of super. I am in desperate need for the funds as my bank acct is in a neg and I have mounting bills to be paid and three children to feed. Who is the idiot who made this law that you got to be on centrelink before you can be classed as being in Financial Hardship if I was on centrelink payments I wouldn’t be making this claim from my super. So is their another way that I can get my super?

  4. Hi All.

    I am about to send off today claiming $10K from Super. There is another portion you can claim from Centrelink. My super will only realse up to $10k. less 20% Tax.

    Department of Human Services can also authorise relase from Super.
    One is called HARSHIP
    The Other is Compasionate. So if you need to release more, look into this. Unfortuneatley the terms for Compasionate are so rediculous I think the police made surrounding it was made by someone one drugs. FOr example, if you need to realse your Super for imediate Surgey….You can try Centrelink to help you which takes weeks, and then submit your claim which takes even longer… Hence Good luck with your immediate Surgery. Oh and you can buy a small second hand car if you need to travel to another hospital, and pay for hotels…..but only in an emergency.
    Lucky Country…. This “She’ll be right” attitude is costing people so much misery.

    Good luck everyone trying to get your own money back.


  5. Hi, partly a comment but also of my experience, also a question for Trish below.

    I have just lodged a claim from my Super Fund but only partly successful. I have been on Centrelink for 26+ weeks and out of work since October 2012. I also have personal Car loans and credit card debts as you can’t live off centrelink to pay existing debts and basic living. I wanted to claim the full $10k to pay down debts and bills, but only was approved for just under $4k. I recommend you do your homework on what is required, even see a Lawyer that specialises in Hardship claims.
    Hardship only covers immediate unpaid Bills (unpaid loans, Utilities, etc) and only the payment due on your credit card for the month (not the total amount in debt owed) so I required to pay $500 and that’s all I can claim for rather than my $5k balance. Additionally i need to have my car serviced and have critical repairs to be done which amounts to $3,400. They rejected this claim on the grounds there is no bill, even though I produced a legitimate quote for repair. If I have an accident, it is possible I won’t be insured nor be legally registered as breaks and other are a must have for legal registration. So the dilemma…. It is a battle!!!! again to use your own money (BE WARNED !!). The government doesn’t appreciate hardship nor the current unemployment situation.

    Q. Trish, can a Federal Ombudsman be helpful to raise these unfair issues on what we can claim from our Super in Hardship?

  6. Hi (you’ve probably heard this before) I’ve been retrenched and haven’t been working the last 4 months thinking something will come up. My pay out is nearly all gone and I’ve been reading up on trying to get some of my super. So they said I have to be with centerlink for 26 weeks but can’t cause I’m not an Australian citizen. And that’s it, no 2 ways about it. I dont meet there criteria. I’m not sure if you can help me but I’d be greatfull if you can. Cheers

    • Helen Fleming says:

      Wait ….. So the government tax & take super from your hard earned money to give to the unemployed….. But won’t let you on a pension
      which would enable you to be able to claim your super back … WTF

      • Juan Williams. says:

        I am im the same position as Harry,so as soon as possible I will be leaving this country with its embedded culture of ripping hard working people off (paid 44% tax on my earnings for 3yrs, still paying $1.44/litre for petrol,price of crude oil now$56 a barrel).I am discouraging my immediate family and friends from moving here ,most of them are skilled and qualified people but I think they may have the same experiences I have.

  7. Hi. I was wondering what my chances are to recieving a portion of my super due to financial hardship.
    I am unemployed and my credit card company requires the full amount of the owing balance by july. It has gone through the local court and have been issued with a summons to pay the amount.
    Will I be eligible to for some of my super?

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